Compliments for Classmates

I apologize for the typo sent home on Friday. We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Friday, February 14th, not Tuesday.  For Valentine’s Day students will be asked to write a compliment for each of their classmates. Much like the evidence we collect to support character traits in reading I will be asking students to identify a classmate’s trait. They will need to support why they feel a peer is helpful, kind, responsible, respectful, caring, etc….

Example: The Challengers are a hard working group of kids because of the effort they put into their classwork.

Students will be given a class list. They may write their compliments on slips of paper, index cards, sticky notes, etc.. This is a voluntary activity that I hope everyone decides to participate in. In order to give students time to write their compliments they may choose to substitute their compliment writing for math or reading work this week .  We will exchange compliments on Friday, February 14th. 

We are also collecting empty tissue boxes. We will be using the boxes  for our Monster Valentine creations..